Apply Technology Voucher Programme

What is Technology Voucher Programme(TVP)?

This programme offers funding to local small and medium enterprises that use technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade/transform their business process.

TVP was launched in November 2016 The programme is implemented on a pilot basis for an initial period of three years from November 2016 with HK$500 million from the Innovation and Technology Fund.

Since 28 February 2018, the eligibility of TVP has been relaxed as follows:

  • an applicant enterprise is required to have substantive business operation in Hong Kong at the time of application instead of for a year; and
  • TVP is eligible to non-listed enterprises of all sizes instead of just for small and medium enterprises.
Application Procedure
Required Documents:
  • copy of Form 1(a) of Business Registration Office or Form NAR1 of Companies Registry
  • evidence of business operation
  • copy of identity proof of signatory on application form
  • copy of quotations for expenditure items
1. Registration & Preperation

Become a user of TVP Funding Administrative System, and prepare required documents.

2. Submission

Submit application with required Documents, and wait for approval. Successful application to sign a funding agreement with ITC before project commencement.

3. Project Implementation

Project to be completed within 12 months. Applicant enterprise should submit the final report and documents within 2 months after completion of the TVP project.

4. Subsidy Arrangement

Funding on no more than two-thirds of the actual cost of a project will be provided to an applicant enterprise on a reimbursement basis.