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An experienced team that can turn your idea into a business

We are experienced business people and on-the-ground technologists with exposure to many various industries through private equity and Fintech investments. Our experience and curiosity is the driving force for innovation to lower the time and knowledge barrier for people to access and understand information.

We believe if there is only one world, all information are, in some way, connected. There should be only one system dealing with these information instead of separate systems for different categories of information. Our integrated system is able to digest cross-disciplined information and produce unique insights for specific purpose.

Our infrastructure is capable of dynamically monitoring and analyzing social media data from various sources in 3 different languages, collecting and organizing financial information from public domain and, more importantly, transforming the vast volume of information into valuable knowledge.


Our first initiative (http://www.aistockshk.com) is to leverage our investment experience and use of artificial intelligence to democratize the use of professional analytics for investment management. The artificial intelligence lowers the cost of operating investment research and portfolio management. The algorithm is to research the relationship among all equity stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the context of risk and return variations and produce a low maintenance optimized buy-and-hold portfolio for investors of any skill level.

The above research technologies will be extended to other sectors such as media, health care and legal industry to give user a "smart" experience in understanding information. Our next initiative is to focus on research optimization of new or niche field to help ordinary people understand complex information.

News Engine Analytic and Distribution

Our AI based New Engine machine processes daily news on almost anything, classifies and aggregates useful news for different needs of users. This generic tools gives us and our client an extra niche for deeper understanding of the subject matters. We have been applying this additional knowledge gained from the news in health care and financial market.

Other Applications

We are in partnership with leaders in the media, marketing and health care industry to develop AI applications to study factors, events and relationships in the specific topics for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness and providing more optimal solutions.