March 11, 2021
Completion of Phase 1 of eValuation Project for Jones Lang LaSalle

Active Intelligence announced it has completed phase 1 of eValuation Portal in partnership with CP101 Limited. The portal allows Jones Lang Lasalle (“JLL”) employee to value assets by different approaches including DCF and market approach online and is a key milestone to develop its data bank and big data strategy.

“This project demonstrates our capability of integrating our finance knowledge with leading edge technology to deliver a unique solution that sets the stage for something bigger to happen in the near future”, said William Hui, Director of Active Intelligence.

Jones Lang LaSalle is world’s leading property search and asset valuation company.

Febraury 11, 2021
Completion of Invoicing System for Corporate Management Services

Active Intelligence has successfully deployed the invocing system for Corporate Management Services. The invoicing system allows Corporate Management Services employee to streamline its invoice management process and billing data to identify sales optimization opportunities.

January 15, 2021
Completion of Financial Big Data Development Project for CMSC Partners

Active Intelligence announced it has completed a phase 2 of Financial Big Data Development Project with CMSC Partners (“CMSC”). Active Intelligence designed the overall big data strategy for CMSC including credit data collection, road map for credit modeling and built the end ot end system to facilitate the data collection, cleansing and real time credit alert.

“This is our first end-to-end solution for a financial company. It shows the commercial applicatino of our Financial AI technology and our team’s capability of understanding the financial industry and delivering technology solution that is leading edge and industry compliant.” said Elecious Lee, Technical Consultant.

CMSC Partners is an asset management company licensed by the Hong Kong Securites and Future Commission. It focuses on digital SME lending and alternative asset backed financing.

October 20, 2020
Active Intelligence published an AI research paper

Active Intelligence announced it has published an AI research paper about NLP transfer learning. Active Intelligence AI team researched and developed different NLP transfer learning models in the merger and acquisition financial news name entity recognition application.

The model extracts important merger and acquisition transaction data from unstructured news content and convert it to structural data. Various NLP models were evaluated and their performance were recorded and evaluated. The research paper is published at ArXiv at Cornell University.

It can be downloaded at . This demonstrates the technical capability and commitment to innovation. Active Intelligence is focused on AI research for finance and health care industry. The product has helped finance community to strengthen its investment research capability.