AI/NLP Based Knowledge Network

The technology absorbs information, filters out the noise and processes useful information to create knowledge that can be used by the task specific AI Models.

The knowledge network system is capable of monitoring niche events and information and use the AI to

  1. Dynamically process and filter the information that are relevant and useful to readers
  2. Produce comprehensive summary and report for easy review
  3. Be ready to collaborate information for building AI model with cross-disciplined features
Our system is able to recognize unique meaning of text from 3 different languages.


The technology is used for investment management companies to monitor their investment from anywhere at any time. We also use this technology to provide soft news content for e-commerce provider to generate more traffic, customer loyalty and gauging future demand for certain products.

The reference on the right to health benefit of collagen from a cosmetic ad is interpreted and translated by machine and verified against various sources of medical journal. After the machine processes the content from complex sentence structure of the ad, it will extract the key message from the ad and validate the content against the fuzzy medical experts system.

Deep Learning based Stock Picking Technology

A deep learning technology constructs an optimal portfolio based on market data and other kinds of data

The deep learning technology combines traditional modern portfolio management theory and factors such as market fluctuation, economic indicators, company fundamentals, news on the wire and social media data. The model continuously learns the world and evolves the model to improve its accuracy and risk adjusted return.

Social Media Analytics

The model studies wide spectrum of social media information and draws relationship between attributes and factors

Our technology analyses very granular and original social media data and develop repeatable patterns that can explain wide range of facts in the world such as sales performance, change in customer taste, public relations, etc. It has wide application in marketing, public relation and product development.


The tool is useful to marketers to decide how to allocate marketing resources across various channels, predict outcome on certain actions and generate signals upon trend changing events with certain level of confidence.